wonder motors For marine industry

Humidity, salt fog and corrosive atmospheres are the main threats to the equipment on board. as a motor solutions specialist, wonder is professional in supplying electric motors that are able to endure tough marine environments, as well as reliability, compact structure and premium efficiency.

three phase induction motors

wonder general purpose motors are right choices for the applications on ships, such as ventilation systems, water pumps, reduction gearboxes, winches, mooring systemand so on.

wonder motors feature compact structure, low temperature rise, energy-saving, etc., resulting in higher power density, easy maintenance, longer lifespan and cost-effectiveness for shipyards or OEMs.

concerning the extreme operational conditions in marine environments, wonder motors for the marine industry will be supplied with relatively higher protection class (IP55/IP56 or above). And the products are recommended to be processed to resist the damage from salt fog, corrosive air and humid environment.

What’s more, wonder is proud of our surface treatment process. The paint type and layer thickness makes the motors suitable for environment category C4 in accordance with en ISO12944:1998. The coatings of wonder electric motors can fulfill the requirements for marine applications and industrial applications.

water cooled permanent magnet synchronous motors

wonder water cooled motors are designed for the increasing market demands for compact motors with low noise and high output power per frame. The efficiency indicators of the pm synchronous motorscomply with IE5 and IE4 levels defined by IEC60034, guaranteeing lower energy consumption and reduced total cost.

wonder motors for special applications

To supply professional motors solutions, wonder has been developing abundant products for special application in the marine industry.:

  • Explosion-proof motors
  • break motors
  • motors for windlass
  • motors for various pumps, air compressors, fans, winches and mooring systems on board.

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