wonder Show-up of online & Offline exhibitions Sept 01, 2020

From july 20 th to 24 th , wonder electric with the latest ac and dc motors, showed up in the Fujian trade cloud Exhibition, undertaken by www.made-in-china.com, and won the “RED” top award of general machinery Exhibition.

This online exhibition is another active exploration of online marketing in epidemic period by domestic enterprises and platforms after the online canton fair in may this year, and it has been strongly supported by the commerce department of Fujian Province. thanks to this, the online platform of wind electric has gained high attention from domestic and foreign customers and peers. We will also continue to increase investment in all aspects of online marketing, increasing the exposure of enterprises and stabilizing the development of domestic and foreign business.

From august 19 th to 21 th , the 31 st international exhibition for Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, heating and Ventilation, frozen food processing was held in Chongqing. as a professional supplier of electric motors for hvAC and food industries, we showed our customers the latest WST permanent magnet synchronous motor , brushless permanent magnet dc motor , high temperature motor and single-phase motor . The booth of wonder electric received a lot of attention and praise from visitors.

Offline exhibitions provide us with precious opportunities to communicate closely with customers and show our products. They are also active responses to the call of "internal circulation" of the economy. wonder electric will, as always, bring customers the best product interaction experience on the offline platform!

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